Magento 2 Migration Services


Magneto 2- Migration

We at JK Seo Services having magneto certified developers having expertise with magneto 2 migration from shopify, magneto, woocommerce with successful data with theme migration. Magneto install security patches leads to increase conversion rates. Our experience developers assist business in determine need for installation with map process for website to outcome best result ,fix technical issues hindering performance of online store in decided lapse of time.

What Magento2 is??

Magento 2 is successor of magneto ecommerce platform. With growing online store and mobile optimized customer base to meet rising demand of online store in 2015 Magento 2 released with out of the box extended functionality such as database sharing , third party integration ,secure payment gateways , enhanced security, mobile friendly streamlined checkout process , better performance ,featured multiple admin ,fast page loading and easy updation has improved online store position in competitive market with increase in lead conversion

 Why Magento 2 Migration?


The online store having huge amount of customers data. Protection of data is crucial to online store success. Magento representatives announced end of support to Magento, the platform will no longer release security updates leads to threat to data.

Fast page loading

Magento 2 has made fast page loading than magento1 to build single page require much more JavaScript to be loaded. To enhance page loading Magento 2 implement JavaScript bundling.

Smooth integration of third party modules

With publication of well defined APIs by Magento 2 to modules serve as an interface aids in enhancement of module in terms code changes meant within the module will not affect external modules.

Easier installations upgrades

In order to leverage benefits of latest features of products by business with customer security ,Magento 2 has make easy installation of patches upgrade.

Better performance

Magento 2 feature built in full page cache enables fast page loading speed providing great user experience. Magento 2 is fast in comparison to Magento 1 with feature like pre compiled front end data . Magento 2 features data base sharing user browsing for information retrieve information stored in different database servers


Mobile friendly

Magento 2 mobile friendly feature enables mobile optimized online stores experience leads conversion with tremendous growth , gain superior user experience than store built on Magento1..

Extended feature makes magneto 2 worthy.

Multiple Admin

Magento 2 to work on product data simultaneously permit multiple admin aids multiple admin aids to keep store up to date unlike Magento1 permit single admin at single time to change product data result loss of productivity in large site.

Full page Cache

Fast pre- compiled frontend data through improved full page cache with support for Varnish, a caching technology serve frequently accessed front end data to visitors.

Streamlined checkout process

Site offer easy checkout process result in increase sales with gaining leading position .Magento 2 offer in comparison to Magento 1 offer instant purchase with easy 2 step checkout process. Online store based on magento2 offer speedy checkout through skipping checkout steps instead proceeds customer to page asking confirmation for purchase.

Mobile friendly

In Magneto 2.3 current release of PWA studio a modern web technology gives user experience website like native app taking blend advantage of attribute of mobile website and mobile native app, magneto 2 site are mobile responsive deliver optimized performance on mobile devices than magento1.

Secure future

To aid Magento 2 user stay secure magneto 2.x continue with security improvement & upgrade which magneto 1 will not provide security upgrade as of end of support.

Elastic search

Magento enterprise edition elastic search default search engine makes customer find products efficiently ,instant search result generate leads to online store with strengthen search functionality.

Enhance scope for advertising

Magento 2 aids in marketing of online store production in addition to management of online store catalogue. Magento 2 for advertisement of products tools distribute coupen code via email also provides tools to promote new products.

SEO centered

to increase traffic of loyal customers to online store magneto 2 generates google site maps support search engine friendly URL provide integration support with third part tools.

Secure payment gateway

Magneto 2 integration with secure payment gateway such as paypal and google checkout makes it most secure ecommerce platform and popular choice among business.