PSD to XHTML Services



JK Seo Services professional developers expertise in sophisticated conversion diverse web formats like PSD, JPEG, PDF & more to XHTML compatible with web cross platform. We at Techmagnate furnish cost effective solution stand on client expectation through error loose conversion taking PSD files convert the code to web structured lighter XHTML ,offer fast loading enrich user experience makes client business take leading position in competitive market with increase in traffic of loyal customers we deliver best of qualities to client pre- decided timeframe generates immense praising benefits to clients business.

Why PSD to XHTML conversions ??

XHTML compatible with brower aids in responsive website designing encourage user with. immense browsing experience functionality make them gather information as per their need. PSD to XHTML render professional look to website with smooth functionality enhances website design ,drive traffic of loyal customer inturn aid business achieve lead position in competitive market with increase in lead conversion , furthermore XHTML validate code through W3C validation makes website considered as error loose and consistent. PSD greater sizes are not faithful for webpage necessitates conversion PSD to XHTML code offer fast loaded lighter web page, with well defined sturctrue generate uniform content as of tableless design .

PSD to XHTML Converstion benefits

Better performance

PSD greater size files are difficult to maintain are not fruitful for webpage.XHTML codes offer lighter web page with fast loading as of tableless design furthermore XHTML files are cross browser compatible offer user enrich browsing experience.

SEO sementic markups

SEO semantic codes enable business to effectively index website in search engine drive loyal customer traffic to site providing uses smooth functionality with enrich browsing experience aids business achieve better ranking on search engine

Responsive with cross browser compatibility

XHTML webpage are compatible with cross browser , offer uniform conten display, resoansive XHTML webpage automatic fits well to device size from desktop screen to smartphones.

Tableless Design

Table design of PSD to XHTML conversion offer fast loaded lighter webpage. With well defined structure generate uniform content on all device sizes ,increase in loyal customes traffic to site.

W3C Corroboration

XHTML flexible corroborate code through W3C recommendation make considered website as error loose , consistent makes client business gain leading position in global market ,achieve better ranking an search engine,